Monday, January 9, 2012

Avatars that visit tempura---ACT 7

tempura アバター百景-----その7

Hi, this is chikae,ella tempura SIM officer.
こんにちわ、tempuraシムオフィサーの chikae,ella です。

The most beautiful place in the world, a place to talk about love.  Ultimate healing.
The last rarely-visited region, where nobody set foot over the centuries.
Fusion of Renaissance (West) and Mandala (East)

These are the principle and concept that have been stated repeatedly.  Unquestionably,Tempura is world place for social interaction of SL.  It could be said that a world expo of human race is held at Tempura for 24 hours every day.  Now here we present Hundred Avatars in Tempura ACT7. There could be you among them.  I will add dramatic words to your photographs.  Please enjoy the drama of yourself.
これはくり返し述べられている、テンプラの主意とコンセプトです。テンプラは、紛れもなくSLにおける世界の社交場です. テンプラでは1日24時間人類の万国博覧会が開かれているといっていいでしょう。テンプラアバター百景 のACT7をお届けします。 この中にはあなたがいるかもしれません。私は皆さんの写真にドラマのある言葉をつけます。貴方のドラマとして楽しんでください。

More than dreaming a magic rose garden over the horizon, appreciating a small flower no-name in bloom below the window of my house makes me happy.

Human mind is soaked with mystery.  Even heaven or hell can be created in it.

Would like to love and to be loved, not only at this time, but forever…

I feel some dangerous passion coming from you, but I am starting to feel romantic excitement.

If you have a resolution to do so, most of fear can be overcome.


At least, please do not lose the mercy.  That is the final message.

I had meant to make a memorable one night, but I loved you so much

My life had been a continuous chaos of night mare, until I knew Tempura…

The way to reach happiness is only one; not to worry for a long time about matters that cannot be controlled by one’s own will.

It is impossible to evaluate others with a measuring scale that is used to evaluate oneself.


After the extraordinary odyssey, I reached Tempura, the paradise of healing.


Your kiss is an exotic spice.


To make a person happy is not to have many things, but to pick it up actually and to be able to enjoy it.

Only a person who pass one’s days keeping thinking that every obstacle can be overcome, should be able to overcome obstacles without fail.

Thou do not get scared of nightmare.  The escape route should be found if you start action.

The successful person is the one who learns a lot from mistakes and always has motivation to deal with the difficult problem with further innovative way.

Like a bud cherished by the sunshine, I would like to bloom a large flower in your flower garden.


It should be here, the love story only for me.


The happiest moment that one person can taste is, to pour sincere love to a few precious persons.


The biggest strength of human is not never to fall down, but to stand up every time after falling.

Photograph by Arisara Ethaniel(tempura photographer, Security )Polly Reina(tempura  officer)
Author  chikae ella