Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Avatars that visit tempura---ACT 4

Hi, this is chikae,ella tempura SIM officer.

Tempura maintains the best prosperity.
We are positioning here as a place for praying to God. The light sprinkles in beautiful gold, and God blesses all avatars who visit here, far and wide.

The concept of tempura is love, hope, and healing. Now again here comes the turn for you all avatars who love tempura boundlessly. Here I present with all my heart, the ACT4 of “A Hundred Avatars in Tempura”.

Please enjoy it through.




A happy person is always a good person.

In a mind where a lot of love lives, also many sorrows dwell. Tempura exists in order to get over such grief.

The course of female lives is filled with overflowing love stories. Please take all the fun out of love at tempura.

Tender lights are sprinkling out. There is a person who works up with love for you, here and now.

The angel and the devil are both living in human mind. At tempura, only the devil is sealed up.

Am I dreaming a dream? Finally I found you, my ideal person who I had been questing.

I am not your accessory. Your mind is that I do need.

Let me overcome the difficulties before us. There is no night that does not have dawn.

Love is a nostrum of human life. The medicine has been embayed in everyone’s mind, and the effect of the nostrum is oozing out at the exact moment of meeting at tempura.

Do not hesitate to correct a fault. You are accepting the justice.

There are four treasures in human life, health first, knowledge second, wealth third, and most of all, love the fourth.

Although you are exhausted physically and mentally, you will be full of vitality when visiting the place, which is tempura.

I will be never afraid of distressing tears. I put my life on this love.

Love is delectation. Passionate volupte, brilliant pleasure, and misty delight. Nothing more than that.

Even between beloved male and female, there should be an agony that should not be given tongue and be buried.

I am bleeding. Why wouldn’t you sense my love?

There is a love of fortune on every person. The destiny is hidden amongst past and future. Find the love of fortune that colors the future at tempura.

In the art, never copy the nature. The veritas of art is to ascertain the nature.

The female who wins the love is not who chases male nor escapes from male, but who keeps waiting to the last.

Broken heart is a left-behind present by a love. It brings a soul of growth and tolerance to the rest.

Photograph by kitori.yuheng(tempura, Security M Ninja)