Friday, April 15, 2011

Tempura family members part4:Kitori.Yuheng

Q1. Please introduce yourself.
Hello i'm Kitori Yuheng, Tempura Security M, Photographer.

Q 1,,,貴方の自己紹介をしてください。
こんにちは、私はTempura Security マネージャーで写真家のKitori Yuhengです。

Q2. Please describe the reason why you applied for tempura security.
A lot of people like us who see Tempura the first time and feel the Magic, feel the life in this place
Also, you feel like at home in Tempura island.
You meet all in one, the fantasy, the magic, residents in there are interesting.
Tempura gave me to meet new friends and a new lovely familly.

Q 2,,,貴方がtempuraのセキュリティに応募した理由を述べてください。

Q3. What do you think the goodness of tempura is?
The goodness comes from residents themself, they are coming to relax, disconnect brain ; love stories born in there everyday and you can see some couples met in Tempura, later met in RL and back to Tempura to enjoy like their 1st instants here.
Tempura has been created with love and has lot of secret places, you meet the magic in there.


Q4. What have learnt from tempura, or what did you get at tempura?
I get an amazing Familly and i learn everyday from the residents, how they are sensitive as well they enjoy Tempura Island.

私は素晴らしい家族を得ましたし、住人たちがいかに感情豊かでありTempura Islandを楽しんでいるかを、毎日学んでいます。

Q5. Please have your say to kikunosuke the owner.
Kikunosuke, he's a Creator, and i'm glad and proud to have met him, to work with him and to be in the familly.
It's not everyday that you can meet this kind of creator, just have a look on the level of beauty of Tempura Island and you can quietly understand it.
Kiku, he's sensitive and generous person, take care of us like his guess, so like a familly we protect him with love.

このようなクリエーターに逢えるということはめったにあることではありません。彼が創造したTempura Islandの美しさのレベルをちょっと見るだけで、それがはっきりと分かるでしょう。

A letter from chikae to kitori:

At the first time, you looked like a mysterious and shadowy person for me. But after you became a member of tempura family and while talking about everything with us, I grew understanding that you are a proudful artist. Also, against enemies who cause harm to tempura, you have a dialogue with commanding performance, and sometimes fight to eliminate them. You are very reliable person for tempura as other family members. You are necessary personnel for tempura. Furthermore, you love tempura with reverent devotion. The photographs of tempura and the family that you take are full with your love and benignity to them. Please strengthen and forge a link of friendship with the family for many years to come. We are sure to return our friendship.


貴方は最初は神秘的で謎の多い方に見えました。。しかしあなたがtempuraの家族となりいろいろ話すうちに、貴方は誇り高い芸術家であることが分かってきました。更に貴方はtempura に害を与える敵たちに対して、堂々とした態度で対話をして必要なときには戦って敵を排除してくれます。ほかの家族と同様に、貴方はtempuraにとって頼りになります。、必要とされています。さらに、貴方はこよなくtemruraを愛してくれています。あなたが撮るtempuraや家族達の写真には、あなたのtempura家族に対する愛と優しさがあふれています。これからも家族と末永い友情を育んでください。私たちも必ずあなたの友情に応えるでしょう。

model:kitori.yuheng , chikae ella
Photograph by kitori.yuheng(tempura, Security ,manager)