Sunday, December 19, 2010

Letter to Polly Reina

Dear Polly Reina:

It may be one and half year ago when I talked to you at the first time, that was when you applied for the tempura security job. You had been visiting tempura frequently by that time. I was very grad that you applied for the job.

What really got to me was your passionate devotion to tempura. You took more time than any other securities to protect tempura. You were modest and quiet at the first time, but through the job, you blossomed out gradually into a reliable guardian who expresses yourself firmly.

Polly Reinaへ、、、

貴方と初めて話したのは、あなたがtempuraのセキュリティに応募してきてくれた1年半ぐらい前だったでしょうか。あなたは、それまでにも頻繁にtempura に遊びに来てくれていましたね。私は貴方が応募してくれてとてもうれしかったのです。


You and I now became friends breaking the linguistic barrier and established really trusting relationship as a tempura family. I render thanks to God that I, living in a country of rising sun, was able to get to know you from a small country in Europe.

Needless to add, I have had a sense of gratitude by the same token for all security members working for tempura. Although the encounter is through avatars in a virtual world, the heart is from real human mind itself.
I believe that the current glory of tempura is based on the guarding attitude of securities with full of love and dedication.

So, with great thanks, I would like to ask all securities to participate in this blog and to talk about diverse range of subjects, starting in January next year. Also it is only asked securities who would like to accept the participation. I would also ask you to participate in this blog again.




You have now built up trust among all of us and became a tempura officer. I think you are quite deserved to the title. Please continue to be a good our family member.
I will send this letter with love.

tempura officer chikae ella


tempura officer chikae ella

Model:Polly Reina,Chikae Ella
Photograph by kikunosuke Eel