Saturday, June 19, 2010

Renewal of the Linden Lab homepage

Hi, this is chikae ella, the officer of Tempura SIM.

As we reported before, Linden Lab shot a movie at Tempura on May 7th. The movie has been completed and now is presented at the top of the Linden homepage, the original site in English, together with other notable sites in the SL. These moving pictures are to introduce the SL to newbie who came in for the first time.

The official homepage of Linden: URL
*If you are logging in using ‘my account’, please log out once and return to the top page of

Tempura was cooperative with Linden in movie shooting several times for the promotional activities.
The movie this time is even more beautiful and gorgeous, and expresses wonderfully the major point of Tempura, that is love and consolation.

It is an ultimate honor to be introduced at the homepage that is a face of Linden, and also it gives us all staffs an utmost impression.

Also it is greatly attribute to the securities working hard without sparing themselves night and day that Tempura is able to preserve decency as a SIM and to make all guests feel safe to play there. Security staffs gathered together from various countries across the globe to keep Tempura safe. They are linked by heart with heart beyond the language barriers. Now they can be said as a family of Tempura.

There are many guests accessing from all over the world every day. We all staffs will cordially invite you all.

Every one, please visit Tempura.

::: リンデンラボのホームページ更新 :::

こんにちわ。天ぷらシムオフィサーのchikae ella です。


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