Thursday, March 26, 2009

still I love him so badly

As the second story of the very popular(?) Fashion-Drama, I will present you a live roman of male and female, with a theme of parting. Please watch the clothing, but also pay attention to the skins that are Chika’s favorite. Please enjoy!

he sunset is so beautiful, because it opens a large red flower over the big sky, and goes away within the day. My love is far beyond the dusk glow. It passed so long time since I lost touch with him.

What was wrong on my side? Was it too much to expect so many things on him?“I hate a fool. I do not like a clunky nerd or bossy bull, but I do not love a weak guy. One should be beautiful, but not a turkey-cock. I dislike a guy who gets mocked by friends, also I reject a poor. The guy should love me as long as I have breath!!!

He listened silently, and made a sad face, looked down and mumbled.“Beautiful roses have thorns. I got too much and bright red blood is bleeding from all over my heart.”

He was showing his back, but the shoulder was trembling. I was so fool that I did not have enough courage to use the weapon of women, to run after him and cry on his back.The real painful parting is to see the love of the partner is over, still I love him so badly.

Long time has passed in the dark world. A new light beam named a new love, is coming into my life. I have been changed into a flower of luring rose without thorn.
I will never make a fail anymore. There is no eternal relation between male and female, as there is no signpost in the vast universe.But, I will put my life and soul on this love now.

photograph by kikunosuke Eel