Wednesday, March 25, 2009

But still the love is there

I will present you a fashionable drama, once a week.Let me develop a drama of love, by visiting various popular spots or SIMs in the second life.
At the first time, the leading character is an OIRAN of the famous YOSHIWARA, EDO.Please enjoy thoroughly.

Eight years have passed since I gave myself to the YUKAKU.Nowadays, I have a dream of the autumn forest of my hometown every night.My figure standing in the crimson autumn is not the poor child at that time, but the OIRAN with fully dressed up for the parade.

Waiting for guests, smiling with coy and coquetry, it is a bit insecure but not unhappy, since I know there is a happy hours in the guest room after getting a guest.Love, love, and more love, take off clothes, breathe your breath, with the utmost sincerity. But it is still a sad love in a limited period.Look at your back on the way home, sorrow of parting brings me choking sob.

But still the love is there.With the beautiful dress, I will join the OIRAN parade with a pride.But, where is the man who can make my life colorful?The man to whom I will give and pour whole myself without any return.That is the man, only for me.

photograph by kikunosuke Eel