Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tempura family members part 5:Chi Anthony

Q1. Please introduce yourself

Hello, I'm Chi Anthony, Tempura Island Security since July 2009.
こんにちわ。私は2009年7月からtempuraislandのセキュリティをしているChi Anthonyです。

Q2. Please describe the reason why you applied for tempura security.

I visited Tempura island about half a year before I took up the task as a security.
Most of the time I was in the Tai Chi circle.
It was there when Romi asked me to join the group.
I didn't hesitate and it is still a great honor to support Tempura.

Q3. What do you think the goodness of tempura is?

For me, Tempura is an example for how to build a 3D virtual world.
The stylish and tasteful design and the peaceful atmosphere is almost touchable for everybody.

Q4. What have learnt from tempura, or what did you get at tempura?

I've learned it takes a lot of effort to keep up Tempura as it is meant to be.
Just like we've to take care for special places and monuments in the real world.
For me, Tempura is a place to have a lot of fun, serious conversations, a romantic place to spend time with my partner.
Yessss.....I'm proud to be a member of the Tempura family because on Tempura I made friends with other people around the globe, some of them are now very close, also in my real life.

Q5. Please have your say to kikunosuke the owner

Kikunosuke, you're an amazing creator of Tempura and of beautiful juwelry.
Above all you are a very friendly and inspiring human :-))))
For me its a joy to work with you.


A letter from chikae to chi

When romi the senior security told me about hiring you, frankly speaking I was a bit worrying it, since you were a newbie who started SL only three month before and it was true that you should learn more before performing the security job and there was some doubt.
But you soon swept away our worry. You learned the job within a short period together with senior staffs, and carried out your duty by standing at the entrance.
You are brilliant, cute, and individual, so naturally found a good partner, and are enjoying life in SL as a member of tempura family. You were born under a constellation that loves beautiful things. Please keep loving and cherishing the beauty of tempura. All our family will be with you forever.

chikae からchiへの手紙


model:Chi Anthony , chikae ella
Photograph by kitori.yuheng(tempura, Security ,manager)