Monday, May 24, 2010

The second anniversary of Tempura

Howdy you all over the world!
This is chikae ella, the officer of the Tempura SIM.

japan tempura island is celebrating the second anniversary on May 25th.

Kikunosuke the owner and all of staffs express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the fact that Tempura has gained prosperity and beloved by the world.

In order to experience the magnificence of Tempura, I think it is the best way to visit Tempura and disport yourself.

So, let me insert SSs of Tempura twice.

The first one this time is those for Gate of Tempura, Corridor Bridge, Summer Forest and Waterfall with lush greenery, and Spring Forest that became a popular spot with the huge lotus bloom.

Picture is worth a thousand words. There is no illustrative phrase required for beautiful photographs.

Please give yourself time to enjoy them thoroughly.


世界の皆様こんにちわ。天ぷらシムオフィサーのchikae ellaですぅ。

japan tempura islandは、5月は25日にオープンしてから2周年を迎えました。







Model:Chikae Ella
Photograph by rudyn Carter