Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Take a Walk in TEMPURA Island

Hi all! We are JAM.
Are you enjoying SL?

We, JAM, are having great time traveling in SL, and are always excited about it.
We pick a good place to go depends on our mood.

You also have your favorite relaxing sim, don't you? Today, we are introducing a very nice place in TEMPURA where you can relax your mind.

Well, that's the place located up on a hill close to the water fall, where you could see the long、long path with lots of pink flowers like a flower carpet. We take a walk slowly, with listening to relaxing music. Imagine the view! 
How about enjoying one stage of movie here? We recommend it,

Then, keep walking. You can sometimes discover nice balls. Why don't you try?
But, you will see you need two people to move the balls.:)




そこをゆっくり散歩するんだよ。 やすらぐ音楽も聴きながら歩くんだよ。想像してみて! 
ここで、映画みたいな場面を体験してはどうかな? お勧めだよ!


Photograph by kikunosuke Eel