Saturday, March 21, 2009


I will be guiding the sim with a history of TEMPURA.

TEMPURA is a concept sim of love and relaxation, which has been built by us, 4 Japanese RL artists.

When we, the four artists, started SL, we did not know much about SL, and spent just easy days for our fun. One day, we started to think about having our house in SL. We did not remember who said it first, but may be, four of us had the same feeling at the same time...

Then, we started thinking about purchasing a sim for our each house; however, we had changed our mind and decided to enjoy creating our ideal sim, not only building and having our private houses.
In last November(2007), we purchased a sim and started to find a talented creator for our ideal sim

We found the best creator, Mr D, and asked him for our project. But, things did not go well, as he was too busy, and he finally started our project in this February(2008). We had waited him to start our project for 4 months after we purchased our sim: however, actually, now we could say that it turned out to be good as we were able to spend the 4 months doing some good research for popular sims in SL.

As the owner of the sim, kikunosuke, was very busy in RL for his job with quite a heavy responsibilities. So, the research was done by the two ladies of us; chikae ella, who is now a PR of TEMPURA, and Nola, who is a creator in RL. Actually, Nola is the one who draw the blueprint of TEMPURA. One day, she said "some ideas came from the heaven and I want to create a new sim like this." and drew the blueprint of TEMPURA very quickly.
The theme of the sim which she imagined were love and relaxation, the post-renaissance, and the mystic of Mandara.

When the construction of the sim were started, we were able to see Mr.D's and other creators' work from the sky. That was lucky for us as we were able to ask for revising their works every time they got differed from our images of the sim.

We asked for the revision many times as our expectation for the sim was very high. And, Mr.D and other creators did made changes for their work every time we asked. However, a top management of Mr.D's company told Mr.D and creators to finish up the project as it was taking too much time for 1 project.

In the end of March 2008, they finished up their work. We could say that the sim was nicely done.

However, the owner of TEMPURA, kiku, did not accept the quality of their work, and told us that he would never open the sim with such quality. Then, he started to change and replace almost all the textures in 2 months. He replaced the textures of the entrance of TEMPURA, the gallery corridor, the window of the castle, and the hall of the castle (except the ceiling) which is now one of the noted places of TEMPURA. Also, he changed all furnitures and replaced them to match his image. We cannot imagine how hard he had worked on the project and made efforts for that.

On the 25th of May, 2008, we finally were able to open the sim, and it took 2 months after the first settlement date by Mr.D.

That was the history of TEMPURA.

Now, we are guiding the places of the interest in TEMPURA.

First of all, we would like to introduce the forest of autumn. You will be impressed by the red momiji, red leaves. It was highly praised as the most beautiful forest in SL by a famous blog of Linden. Behind the forest, there is a big tree house with two rooms and you can get comfy there.

Second, there is the forest of summer, which is located at opposite side of the forest of autumn. Giant trees which are like the ones from a fairy tale and little birdcall would welcome you. There is also a beautiful water fall with white spray. You will find a beautiful room behind the water fall which is very popular among loving couples. And, also, you do not want to miss a crystal cave with a secret room.

Third, there is the largest flower field in SL on the hill surrounding the forest of autumn and the forest of summer. Please run into the field, you can feel the waves of the flowers as in a dream.

Fourth, you can find the long gorgeous gallery corridors and the castle. Please enjoy dancing in the gold ball room in the castle.

Fifth, there is a round table for tai-chi besides the pond. People are enjoying tai-chi from the early morning.

Sixth, there is the forest of spring in the west of the sim with lotus flowers, which are called God's flower in some cultures. This place is now became one of the best view point in TEMPURA.

Finally, you may also find many secret rooms in TEMPURA: two gorgeous private rooms at both side of the castle, a private room located by tai-chi place for loving couples who want to spend lovely time there, a private room in a submarine, also a private room under the sea with an aquarium which entrance is located just in front of the submarine ( placed right under the round table for tai-chi.) .

Also, you could find many nice animation balls you could enjoy.

TEMPURA is now having many visitors from all over the world who spend their own relaxing and nice time here. TEMPURA is also a place to meet people from all over the world and to enjoy heartful and warm socializing moments. Please come and enjoy the peaceful moments in TEMPURA.

The owner of TEMPURA sim : Kikunosuke eel

chikae ella   NORA  and TEMPURA GROUP

photograph by kikunosuke Eel